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Exercise Science Intern (Wellness Training)



Exercise Science Intern (Wellness Training)

Position Purpose:
Contribute to Family Wellness operations and processes while obtaining first hand experience that align with the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

Education, Experience, & Skills (Minimum Requirement):
Must be enrolled or graduated from a program accredited as designated by department and have completed curriculum through the sophomore level. Must have good human relations and communications skills; must be able to follow procedures and instructions given by the leadership staff. Must have strong problem solving, leadership, and analytical skills. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Products.

Licensure/Certification Requirement:

Customer Service

  • Interacts with customers in a warm and friendly way.
  • Takes immediate action to meet customer requests or needs.
  • Listens to understand what customers have to say.


  • Recognizes safety hazards and takes corrective action; seeking assistance when needed.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of operational policies and procedures.
  • Performs work safely, without causing harm or risk to self, others or property.

System Behavior

  • Makes a decision considering the impact of the decision on other areas.
  • Initiates collaboration with others outside of service area.
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to the principles, values, and ethics of the organization.
  • Models accountability for learning by sharing knowledge and learning from others.


  • Builds effective working relationships.
  • Expresses appreciation to others for their work.
  • Treats others with respect.


  • Demonstrates both knowledge and application of Family Wellness policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Facilitates and supports change within Family Wellness.
  • Demonstrates commitment to continuous learning for themselves and staff.
  • Demonstrates and applies continuous quality improvement knowledge and skills.


  • Demonstrates skill in accessing, preparing and using information as relevant to position.
  • Verbalizes and demonstrates knowledge of procedures for maintaining security, confidentiality, and integrity of employee, member, and user information.
  • Demonstrates ability to collect, analyze and present data as appropriate to position.


  • Demonstrates skill in use of equipment relevant to position; verbalizes knowledge of appropriate safety procedures.
  • Diagnoses equipment problems; fixes or seeks out someone to fix.
  • Consistently informs appropriate person of problems encountered with repairs or calibration of equipment.


  • Assists with the development of needs within the assigned department.
  • Works in partnership with the manager, assesses needs of potential consumers.
  • Assists with development of new programs, marketing of these programs and works in partnership with the department staff to deliver program.
  • Assists with policy and procedure drafting and review as needed
  • Researches other facilities including alternate YMCA’s and Wellness Facilities.
  • Current Departments with possible Internship Opportunities: Wellness Training, Personal Training, Wellness Education, Childcare, Group Exercise, Marketing, Membership and Front Desk Management


This position is classified as a Category III position under OSHA guidelines with no risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials.

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